We development and integration services are designed to improve productivity and achieve business goals.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence(BI) is both the art and science of turning data into information, useful for decision making and driving value. We provide business consulting and IT services that can help you extend Business Intelligence from board room key performance indicators, to operational metrics using a 'smart center' that survives changes in operations. Change impacts people, process and technologies, but the smart center - the place where marketing, operations, financial and legal information is created - must remain constant to support decision makers over different economic cycles and market events. We can offer you the following;

Tech Set
Different technologies are matched to the decision window and discovery needs of each stakeholder. Periodicity, data quality, data purchases, granularity and precision are all concepts employed to drive the technology set required for premise-based or on demand options. Technologies range from simple standard reporting packages and queries, alerts, flash, multidimensional views, drill downs, predictive modeling and pattern recognition and association of previously unknown facts.

Retail and consumer service companies have a common focus - acquiring and retaining new customers. With multiple sales and delivery channels, it's imperative to move faster and build brand loyalty while improving customer service with reduced costs

The modern healthcare systems face a lot of inefficiencies such as excess administrative expenses, poor management and lack of enterprise co-ordination, etc. These problems significantly increase the cost of medical care. Effective use of IT is the only answer to bring down cost of medical care.

Cost Effectiveness
Our consultants have expertise working across legacy to modern technologies and possess knowledge on the global healthcare Regulatory/ Standards.