We development and integration services are designed to improve productivity and achieve business goals.

Application Maintenance and Support

Today's Information Technology (IT) organizations are under pressure to run a world class IT operation - all day, everyday; taking the ups and downs of today's dynamic business cycles in their stride. Increasingly, key performance indicators for application owners are based on how their business-critical application(s) helps the organization reach its goals for customer satisfaction and revenue

Pre-maintenance plan

Before commencing maintenance/support, an experienced project manager and a domain expert are allocated to the support team.

Project startup

In this stage, appropriate resources are allocated and infrastructures (e.g. hardware environment, required software installation) are set up, which followed with the steps of knowledge transition after getting an initial overall understanding of the system.

Knowledge transition

Understanding the business processes is fundamental and critical for high quality support. We adopt multiple communication ways such as conference calls, web conference, e-mail, instant messenger to get fully and detailed understanding of your requirement, the size and complexity of the application etc.

Continuous maintenance/support

This is the lasting maintenance/support phase in which the maintenance/support team work closely together with the client to support any of the business requirement. We provide quick fixes or upgrade the system with additional/new requirements.
The quick fixes process is:
  • Receive the defect report
  • Analyze the defect report
  • Determine the fast response time
  • Apply the fix
  • Record the fix measures and bugs status in web-based bug-tracking system through which the client knows real-time maintenance conditions.


We deliver the each of the maintenance and support tasks to client only when the task has been fully tested.